Little House on the Prairie

This book along with the others in the series describe and depict the exploratory and rural nature of American culture’s beginning, from the perspective of a little girl.

Submission by Lucy Joyce

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  1. Syvied says:

    Jul 1, 2012

    1.) One side contained coottn , another contained orchids , vegetables, and pescades.2.) Main Crop: Cotton.3.) Slaves did a majority of the work.4.) The were very affluent, did little work, and were virtually spoiled and had everything they could ever want.5.) The slaves lived in small, crowded houses. They were overworked and were not treated as humans and were barely provided with the things that they needed how much more the things that they wanted.6.) Interaction between the slave owners and the slaves were scarce and only occurred when the slave owner had to check on the slaves to check progress.7.) My opinion of the video was that it was very informational.

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