Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult’s Nineteen Minutes explores school shootings, which is a phenomenon largely contained in America, and which disturbs many non-Americans as being an “American” thing.

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  1. Fahad says:

    Aug 23, 2012

    Jul24Tracie We don’t have the safety isseus over here (well not yet anyway) We have gates around our school and all visitors must report to the office (the only entrance to the school). In regards to cyber bullying, we have just had a run of suicides (soemthing like 4 in 6 months at the same school-not mine thank God) which have been linked to cyber bullying. At my school, the students are not allowed to access Facebook, Myspace, MSN etc unless it is directly related to their work. They must also ask for permission to use it. However, we don’t police their use of accessing the net via their cell phones. As a teacher, it is relatively easy to police their computer use, however, as a parent it must be a nightmare (not there yet with a 5 yr old). Other than watching their every move, it is impossible. What is important is having a good relationship with your child so that they tell you if they are being bullied. I try to build these relationships with my students so if they can’t/won’t talk to their parent/s, I can at least help them. I had a student tell me she was being cyber bullied and i was able to intervene. Interestingly enough, the bully ran with his tail between his legs. I know this isn’t always the case but it was great to see a bully back down.I think the biggest problem with cyber bullying is you can remain anonymous. People feel protected and say more than they would in face to face.

  2. Jim says:

    Aug 25, 2012

    Harry, Harry, Harry!What are we going to do with you and your few musketeers and many minnios who are repeating your mantra without any realdepth? After simply reading and following for a few days, all posts bought me right back here!The core root to what seems like a bit of a pointless endeavour to some of us.But not you, which I do respect though don’t understand fully.Firstly, can you please explain this phenomenon of people who respond to comments within blogs that are either wantingeven MORE clarity or completely dismiss the positive press for another whiney ‘but we just want to know’ –who wants to know??? The few followers you have got together?( you will know me from your friend Claire’s blog – Strategic Educator happily advocating BWA’s resource with schools hence the interest )The intention of these blogs still isn’t clear to me. You want to warn people…..Warn them of the very bureaucratic and lengthy processes the industry does entail? Or….Do you know of the East Africa Crisis by any chance that Huge Worldly organisations like our very own government are not doing very much about whilst they exploit the oil out of good old Libya? Now THERE is something worth writing and protesting about….warn me about that Harry! I am just dropping by to say Hi and will share later ( busy day! ) my thoughts on all the waves of posts you have had set up outthere to raise concern over what you think is an initiative us educators and writers need ‘to be warned’ of.Fairly Patronising, but we’re letting that naivety go this end.Claire assumed I didn’t have a legal background in her blog – I do actually.Assumptions and insinuations – the true bearers of the lies that filter any society – wherever! We were alarmed at the need to post the personal details of people online and have made our very own networks aware of this type of behaviour by yourself and your team. As you know within education due to the level of privacy in practice for the sake of Children and teachers – it is key for us to make sure schools are protected from organisations who are willing to go to these lengths to damage others. Who cares if the domain name is registered at the same address of a Director??? BTW School networks & departments are all internal and that would have been an email alert –blogs just don’t cut it in our world! I will write in more detail later, but just wanted to make sure your mates didn’t think I had done one! One confusing niggle in my head – you ask above in one of your questons ‘Who are you?’Erm….. they had Tea and Biscuits in YOUR garden?!?!?!?!? Until Later Dear Harry.

  3. Alan says:

    Oct 10, 2012

    I may be the only person in the whole world who’s only just now ridaeng a Jodi Picoult book! I had read a review of ‘Sing You Home’ and knew I wanted to read it, and so searched other titles and I just started ‘House Rules’ yesterday (and I’m hooked, BTW!!!) Great interview, thanks!!!

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