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#poweroftheword Terkel gets to the heart of the heart of America

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  1. Yemisi says:

    Aug 25, 2012

    XP is the reason I filanly gave up on Windows. It cost me too much time and effort to keep the damned thing running. The last good version of Windows was 3.1, which while limited, was at least fairly stable.Macs are invulnerable to viruses. Check SemiAccurate tomorrow for an article about the latest virus scare’ on Macs, only problem is that when I checked into it (and yes, I have a copy of the supposed virus on my Mac) it’s not a virus, it’s a Trojan. You have to MANUALLY install it. Right With Linux and Macs you don’t need virus protection. That’s a Windows only issue. And yes, it is the shoddy mess I say it is. As a professional journalist who covers computer software/hardware issues, I’ve the knowledge to make that call.Waynea0

  2. Thuy says:

    Sep 8, 2012

    I got sophos for my mac beacuse I don’t want to be spreading around PC viruses by accident. I have found a few times that an Email I have gotten has had a virus in it and I wouldn’t have known about it. I guess you can say that I stopped my friend’s computers from getting the virus. I also think it’s a good idea to have the software there just in case. I’d rather put a lock on my door and put a good security system in place so that the bad guys won’t get in once they start trying to do so.

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