Saul Bellow’s “Henderson the Rain King”

Bellow, better than anyone, shows that Americans are people too.

Submission by W. Stella in Chicago, IL

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  1. Prince says:

    Jul 1, 2012

    Your post has certainly achsmplioced what I think you wanted it to do: stimulate thought about creativity: what it is, who has it, how to develop it, and where it is most at home. I have been thinking about creativity since I first read the post and then this week’s issue (November 14, 2011) of the New Yorker came. John McPhee, an achsmplioced writer and profilist has an essay, entitled Progression about some of his experiences with the process of creative writing. Even pros sometimes have a hard time creating concepts and then getting them down on paper.

  2. Mario says:

    Sep 7, 2012

    for your comment. I have poestd a comment on another blog wondering why is it so popular when it shows, mainly, non interesting and already, elsewhere very mutch discussed points. Therefore it looks irrelevant. Also the blog owner/author somethimes gets plainly wrong about javascript and its idioms. Ok, I realise that is weel presented blog with well researched matterial, by someone who is not maybe on my level , but certainly will be in time. Therefore that blog has followers because it is interesting for them. And it is an achievement to make it interesting.And I forgot that it appears irrelevant to me, but not others who are beginning javascript.My blog perhaps contains some advanced javascript and important points, but it is somewhat self-sufficient.As a such it is followed by few chosen ones only unfortunately.

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