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“Sula by #ToniMorrison is 1 of my very favorites & I re-read it regularly…” #NikkiGiovanni #amwriting #PoweroftheWord

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  1. Katelyn says:

    Sep 8, 2012

    I wish they would’ve gone into some interesting depth of why Kira’s zaaotkunpu couldn’t affect Kifune’s. My idea and example: Kira multiplied it’s weight probably ten times over at least. Therefore, it’s impossible to hold the fucking thing. Yet, Kifune obviously uses telekinis or something to control it. So, let’s say that the limit of telekinis is applied only to mass, not weight. Therefore, his zaaotkunpu is now considerably more deadly because of it’s massively increased weight and although Kira can’t hold it, he can still control it with telekinis just as easy.I think it’s a cool way to show a backfire of Kira’s Wabiske but noo His zaaotkunpu is just too powerful so they say, and how the bitch can he still throw it over his shoulder and hold it?Yeah I’ve been pretty sick of this filler series, simply because it ripped into the Heuco Mundo series RIGHT after Ichigo killed Grimmjow. That pissed me off so bad. Chucked right into some ridiculous princess crap, but I suppose that this side story has grown on me. It’s interesting to see all the aspects of the Ooji conspiracy wrapping up, and this episode was pretty badass. I even enjoyed the flashback and seeing Kifune’s story. He’s a beast.

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