“The Crying of Lot 49” by Thomas Pynchon

Because it’s Pynchon, an emblematic postmodern writer.

Submission by Oedipa Maas

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  1. Sanjay says:

    Jul 1, 2012

    lol reminds me of the old days when drlbangaol Z came out , internet wasnt that much developed but there was still some website talking about it and people, like you, who really wanted only to see badass action and nothing else coming from DB , to be honest your not completely wrong in your statement BUT one thing : naruto is made possible by those people , they decide what they want to draw and they decide on how the story goes. if it was only BANG KILL DESTROY OBLITERATE EACH VILLAGE THEN BANG SERIES END! would you like that? if you do get the hell outta here your not an anime fan and coudlnt possibly understand anything about being one and stop reading here.Naruto is maybe the first main anime character ( action anime im not speaking of the other homosexual casual life zombie school bullcrap) that actually have a interesting personality and that is not godly and cool at first ( exemple : hellsing , Dante from DMC) if you dont like it its your choice and i respect that but it makes this anime stand out of the rest , i personally like his goofyness Sasuke is more like the kind of character that 12 year old emo girl like today . true. but he too have a decent background story . True tho , this stupid love triangle is getting old . But you gotta admit it : when its not filler its pretty damn great the hunt for sasuke will possibly bring us some explanation on the lore of his family and the hidden leaf thus making this anime longer which is goodfinally i im really looking forward to what will bee will do with naruto : will the nine tail become docile ( xD ) or will it degenerate in another twisted way?

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